2018 Song Share


I am emptying my notebooks this year to post a new song each week.  While I've cross-pollinated with a wide variety of musicians as an instrumentalist, producer, and sideman, most of my original material has remained in the notebooks where it was penned.  Having not been able to release records as often as I would like, I have decided to challenge myself to post 52 new songs this year in the form of intimate, impromptu videos.

It's crazy to think that I've been writing music for over 30 years now, but I continue to be both inspired and intimidated by the craft.  My influences are many and while my music collection is vast, I've always made a point to listen and let go, choosing osmosis over critical studies.  The most rewarding aspect of this life in music has been the experience of working with and sharing the stage with a long list of exceptional songwriters and composers.

Some of the songs that I will be sharing were written years ago and are being salvaged from old notebooks….some have been sitting around half written and this push now forces me to make the critical decisions to call them complete….and some will be brand spankin' new. I hope you enjoy these weekly lo-fi snapshots that I'm throwing out to the world.