Darren is/was with:

Cameron McGill & What Army

Daniel Rodriguez

Shook Twins

Daniel and the Lion

Elephant Revival

Sandra Bernhard

We Dream Dawn

Bonnie Paine

Andreas Kapsalis Trio

Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Cory Chisel and the Wandering sons

Chicago Farmer

01 Darren Garvey Way Back Machine
02 Daniel Rodriguez Colorado
03 AM Taxi Movie About Your Life
04 Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts Howl At The Moon
05 Daniel and the Lion On Berlin
06 Ernie Hendrickson feat. Howard Levy Bad Mixed Up Woman
07 Darren Garvey Quiet As A Mouse
08 Paper Arrows The Counting Song
09 Chicago Farmer Backenforth
10 Darren Garvey Miss Liberty
11 Cameron McGill & What Army Michelangelo's Blue Period
12 Daniel Rodriguez Steal The Night Away
13 Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts Heavy Metal
14 Darren Garvey Fixed Gear
15 Buddy Nuisance A Fly In A Jar
16 Thunder and Snow feat. Adriel Denae Better Off 
17 Canyon Spells Magic
18 Darren Garvey Plan
19 Andreas Kapsalis Trio Doppelgänger
20 Like Pioneers Exit Row
21 Paper Arrows Why We Work
22 L'Altra Nothing Can Tear It Apart
23 Michaela Thomas Fire

24 Highscraper Whatcha Gonna Do 
25 Cameron McGill & What Army Houdini 
26 Darren Garvey Heart Attack Sleeves 
27 Algernon Ping Jupiter 
28 Buddy Nuisance Winter Is For Happy People 
29 Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons Fixing A Hole 
30 Darren Garvey Never Wanna Let You Go 
31 Todd Kessler & The New Folk First Sip 
32 Mike Maimone Not Waitin' Around 
33 Darren Garvey Money Or Land 
34 Buddy Nuisance Taller, Wiser 
35 W.W. Lowman Batie 
36 Paper Arrows Come Home 
37 Chicago Farmer Revolving Door 
38 Darren Garvey Misleading 
39 Highscraper Legacy 
40 Darren Garvey Unsung Overture 
41 Cameron McGill & What Army Someone In Another Life
42 Darren Garvey First of the Year 
43 Like Pioneers Teakettles No. 1 
44 Andreas Kapsalis Trio Strangers To Fellini 
45 Darren Garvey Common Ceiling 
46 Darren Garvey Industry

Heart Attack Sleeves


Miss Liberty




Thunder and Snow


Under a Common Ceiling



The Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Daniel Rodriguez

2020 The Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Daniel Rodriguez

Date Event Location
Daniel Rodriguez Winter Folk, Longmont, CO Winter Folk, Longmont, CO
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Maverik Center, Salt Lake City, UT Maverik Center, Salt Lake City, UT
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Moda Center, Portland, OR Moda Center, Portland, OR
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Gorge Amphitheater, George, WA Gorge Amphitheater, George, WA
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Chase Center, San Francisco, CA Chase Center, San Francisco, CA
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Pechanga Arena, San Diego, CA Pechanga Arena, San Diego, CA
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Gila River Arena, Glendale, AZ Gila River Arena, Glendale, AZ
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Rogers Place, Edmonton, AB Rogers Place, Edmonton, AB
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers SaskTel Centre, Saskatoon, SK SaskTel Centre, Saskatoon, SK
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Bell MTS Place, Winnipeg, MB Bell MTS Place, Winnipeg, MB
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO
Daniel Rodriguez w/ The Lumineers Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX



A SEASONED DRUMMER AND PERCUSSIONIST with an obsession for writing and crafting songs, Darren Garvey continues to establish himself as a musical polymath, producer, and idiosyncratic songwriter with heavy-hearted lyrics and clever arrangements. Associated with Chicago's independent music scene since the mid-90s as an active touring and session musician, Garvey joined Elephant Revival in 2016 and relocated to Colorado where he currently resides.  With the band on hiatus Darren has spent the past few years performing with Daniel Rodriguez, Shook Twins, Bonnie Paine, Courtney Hartman (Della Mae), Steve Poltz, Danny Barnes (Bad Livers), We Dream Dawn, John Craigie,  and Lindsay Lou. 

AS A MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST Darren writes, arranges, produces, and performs virtually every sound and instrument on his solo recordings and plays a majority of the instruments on the records that he produces.  Garvey has released a handful of albums under his own name that explore his imaginative songwriting and showcase his depth of musicianship, but he is best known for his collaborative projects as a creative and passionate team player.  Darren recently cowrote and produced the single Colorado with Daniel Rodriguez which premiered on Colorado Public Radio and features Andrew Marlin (Mandolin Orange), Daniel McMahon (Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts), Natalie Padilla (Masontown), and vocalist Carolyn Hunter.

PRODUCING RECORDS for select bands, Daniel and the Lion's album Death Head caught the attention of Adam Duritz who invited Garvey and the band out on tour with Counting Crows in 2014.  Once again, Darren's production of Elephant Revival bandmate Daniel Rodriguez's debut solo EP Your Heart The Stars The Milky Way helped land Daniel and Darren on The Lumineers 2020 world tour in the US and Canada.  Named a top 20 Colorado release of 2019 by Marquee Magazine, Wesley Schultz (The Lumineers) says "it's just got something that you want to hear again, something healing and good at its core."

GARVEY HAS WRITTEN AND PRODUCED dozens of compositions as the Music Director for a commercial music house, including an EP released under the moniker Thunder and Snow which has been used around the world in television and cinema and features vocalist Adriel Denae (Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons).  No stranger to the recording studio Darren appears on over 200 records and has worked on a dozen films including Black Gold, a documentary about the coffee trade that premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival where it convinced Starbucks to change their Fair Trade practices as well as the 2011 Academy Award winning documentary Undefeated.

BORN IN MILWAUKEE IN THE LATE-70s Darren was raised outside of Chicago where he played piano and guitar from an early age and led a handful of bands. After high school his band won VH1’s Best Unsigned Band competition, opened for John Fogerty at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and began touring up and down the east coast. Gravitating towards the drums in the 90s, Darren studied with Glenn Kotche (Wilco) whose musicality and percussive approach to the trap set inspired Darren to further his education. While attending The University of Illinois he formed an experimental jazz/funk/bluegrass project with Noam Pikelny (Punch Brothers) and ultimately earned a degree in Percussion Performance and Jazz Studies. 

DARREN HAS BEEN ON TOUR for over two decades with performances at venues such as the Ryman Auditorium, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Hearst Greek Theatre, and Germany’s Rockpalast. Some unique stints include his role as the house drummer at Marc Smith’s world-renowned Green Mill Poetry Slam (the birthplace of slam poetry); drums with comedienne Sandra Bernhard on Feel the Bernhard, Sandra Bernhard is #blessed, Sandyland, and I Love Being Me, Don’t You?; and live photoplay experiments across the country with Andreas Kapsalis Trio who were commissioned by Northwestern University, University of Notre Dame, and University of Massachusetts Lowell to perform both preconceived and improvised soundtracks to a variety of classic silent films in front of a live audience. 

DARREN GARVEY IS A MEMBER of Colorado’s transcendental folk darlings Elephant Revival and lives with his wife and two daughters in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Much of Darren’s legacy can be found in the huge fingerprint that he left on the Midwest independent music scene with bands like Cameron McGill & What Army, Andreas Kapsalis Trio, Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, Daniel and the Lion, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, Like Pioneers, Ernie Hendrickson, Chicago Farmer, and Paper Arrows among others.



Selected Discography

Algernon  Charlie Changed His Mind
Andreas Kapsalis Trio  Original Scores / Self-titled / Bubblegum Enlightenment
Buddy Nuisance  Messy Lives of All Shapes and Sizes
Cameron McGill & What Army  Is A Beast / Madeline Every Girl / Deserters /  Two Hits and A Miss / Warm Songs For Cold Shoulders
Canyon Spells  Now That We're Gone
Chicago Farmer  Midwest Side Stories / Backenforth, IL
Circles Around The Sun  Circles Around The Sun
Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons  Minnesota Beatle Project Vol 2
Daniel and the Lion  East / Borrowed Air / Death Head / Sweet Teeth
Daniel Rodriguez  Your Heart, The Stars, The Milky Way / Colorado
Darren Garvey  Heart Attack Sleeves / Miss Liberty / Under A Common Ceiling
Dickie  Dickie
Ernie Hendrickson  Down The Road
Head for the Hills  Say Your Mind
Highscraper  No Better No Better
J. Robert Miller  ...coming soon
Kelly Steward  Tales and Tributes of the Deserving and Not So
L'Altra  Telepathic / Favorite Flavor
Like Pioneers  Piecemeal / English Garden
Mackenzie Page  ...coming soon
Michael Heaton  Learning Curve
Mike Maimone  Open Mic Nights, Empty Bottle Mornings
Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts  OHBAHOY / Heavy Metal / Presents The Rusted Hearts
Paper Arrows  Good News For Love / Days of Getting By / In The Morning  / Things We Would Rather Lose  / Look Alive
Ro Myra  ...coming soon
Same Waves  Algorithm of Desire
The Heartstrings Project  The Line
Thunder and Snow  Solve
Todd Kessler and The New Folk  Sea Fever
W.W. Lowman  Plain Songs
Weep & Willow  ...coming soon


Out of the ashes of Elephant Revival, comes the first solo release from any of the members...from the Bon Iver-esque presentation of First of the Year to the soft finger-picking of The Reason, to the dark, industrial synth of Detour Garvey puts forth a diverse and raw collection of highly personal tracks...and finally places his art out in front.
Brian F. Johnson  Marquee Magazine

He's one of my favorite percussionists!  His ability to play with a band acoustically and just invent, use a million percussion instruments to recreate a drum sound in an acoustic setting; he's an absolute artist with that...I love his percussion, but I love Darren's harmonies.  He's such a good harmony singer as well, just really complimentary.
Adam Duritz  Counting Crows

Darren is one of the best drummers I've ever worked with.  He comes prepared and focused and always delivers.  He is a multi-instrumentalist that can add depth and understanding to your music.  A major asset to the production of any record.
Manny Sanchez  Umphrey's McGee, Patrick Stump, Zwan

I remember really being blown away by the Nervous Center show...I think Darren’s playing was fantastic on that – real imaginative and musical.
Glenn Kotche  Wilco

I've played the entire EP Your Heart The Stars The Milky Way every day since...It's just got something that you want to hear again, something healing and good at its core...Do yourself a favor and play the whole EP, and do that again.  And again.
Wesley Schultz  The Lumineers

Fortunately for us, it didn’t take us too long to find Darren, and as you will see when you hear us play, the brother is in the pocket.
Paul Murin  DeadPhish Orchestra, Phix, Ralph's Kind

The parts are extremely precise, Darren is moving back and forth from instrument to instrument at the right time in complex time signatures and different feels.
Steve Edwards  NPR - Eight-Forty-Eight

Garvey is a life-long musician who studied jazz and percussion…and has been touring with bands since the late 90s.  He is a producer, a father, and plays a myriad of instruments.  He is inspired by his deep-rooted passion for music and the challenges of life.  Those experiences shape his songwriting.
Cynthia Wilson  Scene Magazine

Our very own, the incomparable Darren Garvey, opened the show last night playing a solo set and proceeded to blow everyone away.  Luckily he’s on our side!  ...Darren's drumming reputation preceded him.  It is no wonder, now that I know him.  His feel and timing are effortless.  Not to mention, he always plays for the betterment of the song.
Cameron McGill  What Army, Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

Ooh and ahh to the finest percussionist!
Peggy Mathies  Taos Inn Adobe Bar

Darren is the most talented musician I've ever worked with. The fact that he plays almost every instrument and plays them well is so valuable to our company (and humbling to see as a fellow musician)...Those things, coupled with the fact that he is a really solid guy (hard working, reliable, modest, detail oriented, easy to work with, etc etc) made it a no brainer to ask him to be our Music Director.  I feel super lucky to have him in our orbit, and can't recommend him highly enough.
Josh Kahle  I.V. Lab Studios, VTL Music

Garvey is a bundle of creativity and passion packaged in a relaxed, soft spoken exterior...he is not a prisoner of old formulas.  His music expresses helplessness and vulnerability.  It is dark and introspective, while managing at the same time to express optimism.
Hank Perritt  Indie Music Chicago

Darren is a rare breed of musician in today's world.  His ability to arrange a song and his attention to every detail within the arrangement makes such an impact on any song he is tasked with writing...Not only is Darren a powerhouse of a songwriter, he is also one of the easiest people with which I've had the pleasure of working.  He never lets his ego stand in the way of the ultimate goal/outcome of a particular song and is always focused on turning out the best composition or song...I couldn't be happier to be working with Darren.
Jeff Leibovich  Vintage King, River North Records

Now when I play [cello] live, there's a solid drummer with us.  Darren plays a stripped down set and he's really sensitive to our dynamics, which is rare in a drummer...The best thing about playing with him is understanding.  I know where he is going...It's very natural to play with him.  He has a great groove and an open heart.
Bonnie Paine  Elephant Revival

On the new EP Say Your Mind, we have Darren Garvey from Elephant Revival recording with us on drums and percussion.  He's an incredible musician.  We try to bring the best that we can to our sound. 
Matt Loewen  Head for the Hills

He's just the best drummer I've heard in a long time.  He's a real creative, very creative person.
Shabda Noor  Stan Kenton, University of Illinois Jazz Director 

Darren Garvey got on a plane [for Rockpalast Germany] with a day's notice back in March and he learned all of our songs!  We didn't sleep for three days, we explored the Reeperbahn, the Dom in Cologne, East Berlin and an Irish karaoke bar...three of my favorite days this year!
Adriel Denae  Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons

Every time we come to Chicago, we go see an awesome show, and Darren's always a part of it...We would like to assume that [he] plays in every good band in Chicago.
Mike Maimone  The Mutts, Company of Thieves

He's a frightening, worldly, musical power-genius, and I'm sure he's got some stories for you.
Packy Lundholm  I Fight Dragons

I convinced the other members of Elephant Revival to add Darren to the band and in that process he ended up moving here...Colorado gained one of the best musicians and producers out there.
Daniel Rodriguez  Elephant Revival

The layered tones and collisions of sounds infuse Under A Common Ceiling with a satisfying richness. Quirky, upbeat pop tunes show Garvey’s deft arranging skills and his knack for writing gently energetic numbers.
Patrick Conlan  Illinois Entertainer 

Multi-percussionist Darren Garvey is known to pick up rather scary looking yet ear pleasing metallic instruments you have never seen before..nothing short of mesmerizing.
Sharyn Goldyn  The Windish Agency

We brought in the sixth member of the Rusted Hearts, Darren Garvey, because the songs on our album OHBAHOY were created in such a different way, we needed his outside-the-van perspective.  Darren has played on just about every record we’ve made to date so he’s more than familiar with what we are, but also his musicianship was crucial in pushing the songs in a new direction.
  -Miles Nielsen  The Rusted Hearts, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons

Darren Garvey, has a freaking cello bow or something, and he draws it over the rim of his big cymbal, which he then sets wobbling in cosmic song...and shakers — how can you be brilliant at playing a shaker?  But there’s this one round cheese-grater doodad, I swear Darren gets it talking, chattering in Hindi…watching Darren picking up and putting down this and that — I’ve only mentioned about a tenth of what he deploys, he’s laying out great counter-rhythms with a shaker in each hand, banging one of them on the Chinese cymbal, leaning out to ding the triangle and then stroking a bow around the ocean harp. 
Candace McNulty  Read It News Magazine

I was captivated by...Darren Garvey's almost schizophrenic ability on a multitude of instruments.
Theresa Carter  The Local Tourist

Our drummer Darren plays just about any instrument you put in front of him, which is very helpful in the studio.
Joe Goodkin  Paper Arrows

Deftly mixing jazz, folk, chamber pop, indie rock, and world music, Under A Common Ceiling is refreshingly varied in its restless, border-crossing musicality...A drummer by trade, Garvey is adept at incorporating sly grooves and rhythmic counterpoints into his songs, without distracting from melodic and chordal variations.  It’s seriously interesting and engaging music that never imitates, but sometimes calls to mind similarly restless artists as Andrew Bird or Kaki King. This is good, good stuff.
CD Baby  Editor's Pick

Darren's percussion style is as unique as that of Kapsalis's approach to guitar.  He pushes the boundaries of percussion to the limit- and sometimes further- by using unorthodox playing techniques in combination with traditional percussion instruments, such as a cello bow on the cymbals.
  -Jazz Novo  

Throughout Paper Arrows' existence, their songs have sounded like an identity crisis set to music.  The band struggled to determine its niche: plucky indie rock or hearty Americana roots music.  Finally, it seems they've settled.  The twang on Good News For Love (produced by Darren Garvey) is more defined, the tempo slowed and the songs are warmer and more full-bodied.
Katie Karpowicz  CHICAGOIST

Anyone who reads The Marquee regularly has listened to me drone on and on about Cameron McGill & What Army.  I've compared McGill's songwriting to the greats and I've called What Army as crucial as The Cardinals...McGill and What Army have spent a ton of time on the road in recent years, and that time together has allowed them to find their strengths and truly focus on them.  Is A Beast is a blast, from the Morrissey-esque "I Don't Believe In Magic" to the A.M. Gold-like saunter of "Counterfeit."
Brian F. Johnson  Marquee Magazine




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